Peace Bracelet with Opaque Amber Focal, Fiber Cord, Glass and Metal Accents

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A bi-colored bead of natural amber is the focus of this bracelet, flanked by clear amber glass and golden filigree metal on a dark chocolate-colored cord.  A medieval mood is set by the beads up front, while the clasp is pure Woodstock.  This large bracelet, 8 1/2 inches (21.6 cm) in length, is one of a kind, and leather-free for folks with vegan sensibilities.  Peace symbol clasp is antique brass color.  Size of amber bead is 19 mm x 16 mm x 14 mm.  Peace symbol clasp is 26 mm x 11 mm.  Cord is a double strand, each strand is 2 mm in diameter.  A unique and interesting bracelet to wrap a larger-sized wrist with a mystical twist.

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